How it started………..

                     Four years ago Theo Schinnij read a travel story                   about a family that traveled through Russia to Peking.

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After reading this book an idea slowly emerged by Theo. He thought that this might be a nice idea for the family Schinnij. A few travel stories later the idea got more and more shape.

Whith his boss Theo arranged that he could save up his free days, so that he could take a half-year vacation. He could go on his trip and even get paid for it! The date for the journey was set and he would leave with his wife, Janneke, in a Landrover from Holland to Peking.

Weeks went by and bit by bit became clear that Janneke did not’t like the idea to leave the kids for a half-year, or the idea to leave the kids by friends and family. Also the primitive aspect of the trip didn’t appeal to her so much.

So, Theo had to take the trip on his own. An adventure of this kind wasn’t one to do on your own, because of al the dangers that he might find on his way. So he had to find another travel partner, almost an impossible mission.

He asked friends and family to join him on is adventure. But almost no one dared to take the risk. For some it was impossible to arrange such a long vacation and others didn’t like the risks that this trip obviously has. So it seems that Theo had to take the trip on his own.

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But suddenly, in August 1999 Arie showed his interest in the trip. He will be joining Theo from March 1st 2000 to June 1st 2000.

Finally in September 1999 the preparations started.

What needs to be prepared for a trip this size?

The route, visa, food, cooking materials, spare parts for the Landrover, maps, fuel, and so on. There was al lot to talk and inform about.

Some nice facts from the preparation period:

We seek contact through e-mail with people from Russia to find out if its possible to travel through their country. We received several e-mails with the question: "If we have lost our mind", corruption and criminality seems to be too high. So we decide not to travel through Russia, but to try the ancient ‘silkroute’, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia, Azarbeidjan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgyze, China, Mongolia and then turn around to go home visiting the countries Russia, Ukraine, Poland,… Holland.

Soon we find out that the gasoline was difficult to get in Asia and Russia, so we had to get a new Landrover that runs on diesel.

How much fuel do you need, in some countries the nearest gas station is 800 miles away?

Until now some questions are still unanswered. For instance: "Can you cross the Chinese border whit your own car?", "Does the Kaspian Sea have a real ferry?"

           In December 1999 Bas signed up on their journey. His good advice and his ability to work with his hands came in handy. He will go all the way, March 1st 2000 to August 1st 2000.


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And how did it go on?

           You can read, only on the dutch page, the email messages send in by Theo, Arie en Bas.

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