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In the dark, desecrated underworld where thrash meets hardcore, lives Deviate. Equally appealing to hardcore kids and metal/thrash consumers, DV8 will appeal to fans of Soulfly, LimpBizkit, Pantera, Sick Of It All, Madball, Earth Crisis, H2O, ... Although relatively unknown in America, DV8 are truly huge in Europe. Having headlined several festivals there, including the Vans Warped Tour, they are poised for US success. Consider their peers with whom they've toured: Fear Factory, Excel, Biohazard, Motorhead, Integrity and others.

Deviate... in the summer of 1991 Deviate was founded from the ashes of Belgian thrash band Sixty Nine and hardcore band Mental Disturbance. Deviate recorded their debut mini-CD called "Small Traces Of Life" in November and December 1992. This CD was released in March 1993, recorded at the Ace Studio's in Aartselaar, Belgium and is produced and engineered by Frank Van Bogaert. After a Dutch Tour with Fear Factory, in May and June, and a very successful European Tour with Excel in September and October 1993, they released their second album in January 1994. This second album, "Crisis Of Confidence", contains 53 minutes of non-stop raging hardcore-crossover music. "Crisis Of Confidence" was recorded in November at the Hautregard Studio's in Herve, Belgium, mixed in December 1993 at the Bullet Sound Studio's in Hilversum, Holland, and was produced by André Gielen. During a year of gigs with amongst others Leeway, Only Living Witness, B-Thong, Biohazard, Motorhead and Dog Eat Dog, Deviate prepared their new album. So I Scream Records was proud to present the second full-length Deviate album "Wreck Style", in May 1995, which broke them into a level of popularity enjoyed by only a couple of European Hardcore bands. Deviate had created a 12-song explosion of sound with songs like "Spread a Threat", "Crack-Down" and "Fearless State". "Wreck Style" was recorded, once again in the Hautregard Studio's in Herve, in March 1995 and is produced by André Gielen and Deviate for I Scream Records.

After popular demand Deviate recorded a new EP in December 1995 called "Cold Prejudice", this limited edition, only for the Belgian marked, was sold out after 2 weeks. In August 1996 Deviate was joined by a second guitar player Jo and in September 1996 they were on the first European Vans Warped Tour. In December 1996 Deviate started recording their third full length album, "Thorn Of The Living". Produced and mixed by Jamie Locke (Cro-Mags, Leeway, Madball, VOD and Obituary). "Thorn Of The Living" contains amazing songs like "Last Judgement" (featuring Freddie Cricien from Madball), "Surge To Victory" and the title track and first single "Thorn Of The Living". Right after the European release in March 1997 Deviate toured Europe with Integrity to promote "Thorn Of The Living" and in the summer of 1997 they played the important European festivals like Dynamo Open Air and the Dour Festival.
In December 1997 they join the MAD X-Mas tour across Europe and during this time the Deviate albums will be released in Japan where they'll tour in September 1998. After having sold over 10.000 copies of "Thorn Of The Living" in Europe, 5.000 copies in Japan and a release in the USA, we decided in May 1998, after popular demand, to release the first Deviate video "Darkened World". After the release of the live album "One By One" Deviate starts recording their 5th full length album, "STATE OF GRACE", due for release on the 7th of June 1999, on Monday the 22nd of March. For the moment the members of the band are preparing the summer festivals and after another trip to Japan they'll tour the clubs in Belgium and Holland. We'll keep you posted. Go and check them out on stage because State Of Grace is one the hardest Deviate albums the band everrecorded.


Deviate are
Danny M. : Vocals / Kirby Michel : Guitar / Jo : Guitar / Christian (Ex-Backstabbers) : Bass / Laurens : Drums

Small Traces Of Life (1992) Crisis Of Confidence (1993-94) Wreck Style (1995) Cold Prejudice (1995-96) Thorn Of The Living (1997) Darkened World - Us Release (92,93,94,95,96,97) One By One (February 99) State Of Grace (7th June 1999)

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