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'We go forward...'

New album...
A&A are currently working on songs for the new 2009 album. We'll work with John Fryer again, for mixing and co-production. More details soon.

ANGELS & AGONY Dates 2008/2009 / /
20.9.2008 NL-Rotterdam, 10 years Downward Spiral Dancenight, Baroeg
3.10.2008 NL-Dordrecht, with Rotersand, Bibelot
30.1.2009 D-Giessen, MUK
31.1.2009 D-Bochum, Matrix

(pics by Reflections Of Darkness)

The show at M'Era Luna was great. Great audience, fantastic atmosphere! Shortly after, we found some photos:,, to be continued.
On YouTube, there's this film of 'Forever', made by Engelsche. Some very nice pictures can be found here and here!
Also a bit older pics: here, here, here and... here! Enjoy!

A&A recently completed remixes for SITD's Kreuzgang and The Dreamside's Die Hoffnung. They´re already released!

On the Angels & Agony forum (initiated by Faye Weber) you can meet fellow A&A fans and in the near future we will offer special forum-members-only downloads !

Audio samples of other A&A songs can be found here!

At you'll find a weblog initiated by Reinier.


Band photo by Jennifer Bosters @

Unison tracklisting: 1. Emersion 2. Watchers 3. Unison
4. Secrets 5. Forward 6. Wreckage 7. Walk On Stars
8. Euphoria 9. Traveler 10. Lethargy (Rise) 11. Systems
12. Inner Light 13. Immersion

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