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I have to admit it: This is my biggest hobby: modelrailroading. Modelrailroading for itself can involve an enormous amount of issues: creating fine scale models, collecting of historical models, building nice landscapes or imitating true railroad operations.
What I like to do is collecting trains from Märklin, to be more precise only the models of steam engines of German railroad companies. Besides that I´m also working to create my own layout to run with these wonderfull items. One problem: the status of my layout is.... well look for yourself....

It´s not much yet ! As you can see there will be two layers: one (the lowest level) offering a simple oval for driving purposes and one (the highest level) on which I would like to build a engine workshop. The lowest level is finished (at least to a large extend), unfortunately that is underneath the highest level...

Maybe the most useful part of this page: the links ! (No, they are NOT complete, but if you know a link that has to be in here, please mail .

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