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This part of my homepage contains links that are especially useful for myself and might therefore contain pages that are only available in dutch. Sorry to all non-dutch speaking visitors....

Information sites
NOS Teletekst All information of the dutch teletekst available through internet
NRC Handelsblad All articles from the NRC-newspaper online available
CNN American news company
Weeronline An up-to-date and complete wether-forecast
Ttrafficnet Very userfriendly traffic information
Financial sites
Behr Very useful to monitor your stocks
Rabobank Financial business

Stuur een electronische kaart
Bekijk een electronische kaart
Fleurop ... or send some flowers !
Startpagina The famous starting point for your browsing
Startpagina dochters All sub-pages of startpagina
Hotmail Who can live without it ?
Aston Martin If I were a rich man.... da da didel didel dom
IWC A watch with far more stile than a Rolex
Routeplanner The best routeplanner on the net for the Netherlands !!